Non Hormonal: Regelle is a non-hormonal long lasting vaginal moisturiser.

Long Lasting: It is the perfect choice for women seeking a long-lasting non-hormonal solution to vaginal dryness. Regelle provides continuous moisturisation for up to 3 days after each application, unlike short acting lubricants.

Immediate Relief: Regelle provides immediate comfort and long-lasting relief from symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Rejuvenates: Regelle also improves the elasticity of the vaginal wall, encourages the return of natural secretions and restores the natural pH of the vagina.

Easy to Use: Each box of Regelle contains either 3, 6 or 12 individual Applicators .The applicator is simply inserted into the vagina, squeezed, then removed and discarded. The single use applicator delivers moisture where it is needed.

Can be use with HRT: Regelle is also suitable for use by patients taking systemic Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).